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Your First Breaths of the Day

Connecting to Your Ray of Sunlight

A simple practice to start your day with just four breaths

When you realize you are awake, consciously take in a slow deep breath. Feel it fill your body and go all the way through down your spine. While you slowly exhale, look for/feel into a light, your light, at the center of your heart field.

On the next slow deep inhale, imagine a single ray of light coming from the sun, your own personal ray of sunlight. See that ray touching, enlivening, and magnifying your heart light. On the exhale see and feel that warm golden light grow and fill your whole body. On the 3rd slow deep inhale, continue to bring in your ray of sunlight and let it magnify your heart light. On the exhale, see your light illuminating the mental field and burning away any uninvited thought forms that may have drifted into your mental field during your sleep.

On the 4th slow deep inhale see your light grow even stronger. On the exhale let that light radiate through your energy field clearing out what is not yours and filling your field with golden light. Now begin your day feeling held in “your” own loving, safe, strong, vibrant light. You can do this while still laying down or while sitting on the side of the bed. And of course, you can do it any time of the day… it just 4 deep breaths!

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