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Gratitude is a surfactant

Using gratitude to assist in cleaning up old emotions

I was putting dish detergent in a pan to wash it when Girez says, “Gratitude is a surfactant.”

I asked him to elaborate, and elaborate he did.

Girez told and showed me the following:

“Like thoughts, emotions all have their own frequency and density. Though emotions are just energies, and there is nothing wrong with any of them or experiencing them, some emotions are heavier in their structure, such as anger or grief. These heavier emotional energies tend to bond to one another, making them even harder to pass through the physical body. Add on the energy of resistant due to beliefs that certain emotions are “bad” and shouldn’t be felt, these heavier energies accumulate and settle in different parts of the body, which can eventually lead to illness. Gratitude, like joy, has a lighter frequency and passes through the energy field and physical body with ease; it doesn’t get sticky. And though it can become more frequently experienced and in greater amounts as the pathways for its resonance open in your energy and therefore physical body, it still flows through rather than accumulating. Instead of leading to restriction of flow, gratitude accelerates expansion.

When a person comes to a point in their life and consciousness where they are ready to release these old accumulations of emotions along with the energy of resistance and beliefs that has been used to suppress them, it takes a willingness and courage to be in present with allowing the feelings to arise, be felt, and witnessed. There are also practices designed to start to purge the old emotions, like that year you chopped wood with the intent of releasing both recognized and unconscious anger. But with these denser or accumulated emotions, you can help their movement through the system by adding in a gratitude practice before and after you consciously work with them. Just like the surfactants in your soap breaking up the oils so the pan is easier to clean, the gratitude will assist in breaking apart the molecular bonds or the clumping of heavy old emotions, so they are easier to release and move out of your system.”

I replied, “Got it, so add gratitude like soap when cleaning up old or difficult emotions.”

“Yes," he laughed.

Later I asked, "Is joy a surfactant?"

Girez replied, "It is more like a flush of clear water, very helpful for cleaning also." And he laughed.


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