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About Sessions with Girez

Though light language is an energetic language of the heart, and is not translated word for word, Karen guides people through the sessions and interprets Girez’s messages. ​

Every session is unique to the individual. Clients have experienced:​

  • Vibrational shifts leading to more lightness, clarity, and peace​

  • Calming and healing of the nervous system from trauma​

  • Heart openings and elevations in consciousness​

  • Life transformations that come from being seen and embraced in unconditional love​


The intention of our sessions is to guide you to your true self and knowing, for you to experience more wholeness, and to give you new references based in love, joy, and light to assist you in this human experience.​

See Testimonials below

About Light Language

Light Language is a language of love and energy. It communicates to the heart and to the individual’s light body; it is understood on a soul level. Bypassing mental processing, light language quickly transmits information and healing to the individual’s energy field. The individual’s higher self/soul will filter the energy and receive only that which is of benefit. Light languages are a form of sound healing.

About Karen

Karen’s love of nature led her to explore shamanic traditions and practices. After a brief but powerful spiritual experience Karen intensified her exploration of healing modalities and spiritual traditions. She set the intention, not knowing about the phenomenon of channeling, to heal enough to become a channel of love and light in this world. Her intention has been fulfilled as she has since become the channel for Girez a loving being who speaks in a light language.

Karen Wecker Headshot Feb2022 no_edited.jpg

“In Girez sessions and conversations, I have witnessed beautiful healings. Girez offers us a new perspective. He brings in expanded energetic awareness and options based in love. It is my honor to partner with him and bring his indigenous wisdom and unconditional love to our earth at this time.”

- Karen


"Sessions with beloveds Grandfather (Girez) and Karen are richly potent, deeply healing, and powerfully transformative. I feel seen, understood, held, and nourished. Their radiant voice of light, love, wisdom, and joy is a soothing balm for my heart, mind, body and Soul. Love and gratitude."

-Ruby D.

"Listening to Girez speak through Karen is like listening to a cherished friend or relative, one you have spent many lifetimes with, and who cares deeply about you and your journey on Earth. Girez seems to know what you are experiencing and how best to help you with life’s challenges. Listening to the recordings of our sessions helps to ground and center me in the present. All my relations."

- Becky M.

"Karen is a warm and loving channel for Girez. She interprets his message seamlessly in a light and beautifully supportive way. In one session we were able to release an old pattern around illness and injury that has made a noticeable difference in the overall health of my body."

- Susan M.

"The first time I met Girez I felt a deep connection with him. He right away said he was my grandfather and that describes our connection. He is a deeply, loving grandfather whose presence I feel when I call out to him. I truly know I am not alone. I feel his comfort and support and use what he teaches me for my own self-care.”  ​

- April D.

"Little did I know how much darkness could be lifted with just one session with Girez, channeled by Karen. Having a light energy transmission felt like communication that was directly meant for me and uplifting to my heart and spirit. I received specific instruction. I felt surrounded by my own guides. The heaviness lifted. I felt the love and compassion coming through from Girez. I am so grateful."
- Christina E.

"When my session began Karen channeled a stream of words/sounds that touched my heart deeply. I settled into a peaceful and calm place. Before long, we began a journey to find my “Little One.” Later, I realized that this was a "soul retrieval." I was filled with unconditional love from Girez, as I reunited with my “Little One." Girez has a practical side as well - he gave me a daily practice to do, which has been really helpful. Over the next few days and weeks, I have felt more playful, more trusting, and more whole. I am so grateful for this amazingly powerful healing! Thank you, Karen and Girez! You are quite a team!"​
- Shiila S​.

I find the one-on-one sessions to be very powerful and very helpful. Girez focuses on the underlying condition, offers exercises and practices that are very helpful and gently helps me see a new direction to consider. The energy work that Girez offers has been very effective for me and helps me live a more peaceful and joyous life.”​

- Matt S.​

I locked eyes with Karen. It was like I was in a trance. I knew I was looking at Girez and he was speaking to me not in words, but in my heart. I started crying filled with such a sense of being “seen” and “heard” and “felt”. I was filled with an influx of peace, and love, and understanding. It was amazing and had long term effects. I cannot say I know what/who/why Girez is, but I can say he has helped me in such a short time by being able to “see” me and communicate unconditional love, peace, and understanding in a way that is truly out of this world.”
- Jennifer L.​

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