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The Here and Now Receiving Practice

Girez on this practice, “You are powerfully manifesting all the time. There is nothing wrong with wanting more, or having desires for things for yourself, others, or for the earth to be in alignment with your preferences. But if you get lost in that mindset of lack, you are missing the joy of what you have and are not strengthening the understanding of your power to create, and you lose sight of the understanding that you, as you are, are not lacking. Start here and now, as the next step in receiving your wholeness.”

Karen’s notes on the practice:

  • Receiving doesn’t happen only the first time something comes into our life. Once we realize our life is being created in every moment, we are open to experience receiving in every moment. Wow! That is abundance, to receive the whole of your life in every moment.

  • Don’t Use it Against Yourself. If you are prone/programmed to being self-deprecating, this practice may bring up remorse and judgement for not having been in appreciation for everything you have in your life and for not having received it consciously, or with gratitude. Girez's advice is to forgive yourself. You did not learn or know how to be with your life any differently. Come back to the present moment, and start from here.

The Here and Now Receiving Practice: I Have, I Welcome, I Receive

Start with the easy things to receive, those that are clearly supportive and bring you expansion. (Difficult things can wait until you have mastered the easy things).

For the word “this” below substitute a physical thing, a relationship, or an energetic experience.

The Meanings behind the words:

I have – I acknowledge that this is here now (even if it is a memory of it)

I welcome – I accept the support/pleasure/learning/growth that this is giving me

I receive – in this moment I receive this with gratitude

Once you feel the resonance of the words, you can simplify the phrase to just

I welcome and receive with gratitude

Examples of the practice:

Physical things:

- I have these clothes, I welcome their support, I receive this support in my life with gratitude

- I have this home, I welcome its shelter and warm, I receive this shelter and warmth with gratitude

- I have this beautiful painting, I welcome its beauty, I receive this beauty with gratitude


- I have my vision, I welcome the experience of seeing life, I receive my sight with gratitude


- I have this breath of air, I welcome its life energy, I receive this breath with gratitude


- I have this friend, I welcome their support, I receive this relationship with gratitude


- I have this feeling of happiness, I welcome this experience, I receive the experience of happiness with gratitude

- I have this love, I welcome this experience, I receive the experience of love with gratitude

If you are feeling blocked on receiving energies/emotions like love and joy, add in the word “willingness”.

Practice with the statement "I have a willingness to receive love, I welcome my willingness, I receive my willingness to be loved with gratitude."

Karen’s Comments about Word Practices:

Because this practice is distilled down into words, avoid making it rote. Any practice that uses simple words repeatedly can become mechanical and lose its strength (ability to open perception and expand your consciousness). Make this practice very intentional and imbue it with consciousness and attention. That will make a simple minute of the practice powerful. That doesn’t mean you can’t also make it playful at the same time, after all, gratitude is a light energy in alignment with playfulness. You can dance around a room naming and receiving everything in it.

Find the right words for you. “Thank you” to me sits outside my physical body. Although these words are fine to use and show acknowledgement, they feel externally based to me. “I am grateful” are words that originate and resonant from my heart space. With any practice, feel into the words that are being presented and then find words that are most meaningful to you.


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