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Connecting with Water Practice

Girez on the importance of connection:

“Stay present with anything, fully present, and you will fall in love with it. That is the importance of connection. When we come into full presence we come into connection. And when we come into connection whether within ourselves or with any other being or thing we perceive as being outside of ourselves, we fall in love with it. Presence, with no judgement or opinion, just simple pure awareness, is the path to connect to the web of life. That connection is the path to fall in love with life.”

Connecting with Water Practice

Girez gave the following practice during a group call on connecting to the element of water. With each subsequent group call the practice has continued to evolve. Practice at the simplest level and develop it further as it feels right to you. As with all practices if you do it great. If you forget, it’s OK, be happy you remembered that you forgot. Each level of this will bring you into greater awareness of the present moment as well as into more connection and gratitude for water.

First Level:

Throughout your day, whenever you use or come into awareness of water, say “Thank you” to the water.

Examples: As you drink water, “Thank you”. As you take a shower or wash your hands, “Thank you”. As you wash your dishes, “Thank you.” As you use a washing machine, “Thank you.” As you water your plants, “Thank you.” When you notice water in nature; the ocean, a stream, or rain, say, “Thank you.”

This simple practice alone, brings you into the present moment with your current action or environment and out of the thinking mind. Water stores informational energy, so each time you thank it, you are not only increasing your gratitude for water in your life, but you are also embedding the energy of gratitude into the water.

Note on the words “Thank you”. If the words “thank you” seem mundane, routine, and simply etiquette without energy try changing the words to “I’m grateful,” or drop into your heart and let the heart speak the words “thank you”.

Second Level:

Give the mind more to do in the practice by naming, out loud or silently, how you are in interaction with water.

“I am drinking water. Thank you.”

“I am using the dish washer. Thank you.”

“I am taking a bath. Thank you.”

Third Level:

Girez spoke of our connection with element of air includes it being integral to our physical sense of hearing. As you are interacting with water, add in listening to the sound of water or anything associated with its use.

“I am washing my hands, thank you water.” Listen to the sounds of water as it flows out the faucet, as it hits the basin, and goes down the drain.

“I am washing my clothes, thank you water.” Listen to the sounds of the water and all the sounds of the washing machine.

Fourth Level:

Girez spoke of the element of earth as part of our physical body. Now when you use water add in the sense of touch.

“I am washing my hands, thank you water.” Listen to the sounds of the water. Also bring your awareness to the sensation of the water moving over your hands as well as its temperature. What does the water feel like on your skin before you dry your hands?

“I am drinking water, thank you.” Listen to the sound of pouring the water into a glass, listen to your swallowing. What does the water feel like on your lips, in your mouth, or as you swallow? What does the glass feel like in your hand? Listen to the sound of setting the glass down.

This full engagement of physical senses, mind, and heart, brings us fully into the moment and creates a sense of satiation, fullness, and calmness in the mind. It also builds connection in this case to water. I love this practice because we use water throughout our days in many ways, so the opportunity for this practice occurs many times a day.

Possible Side Effects:

- You may find yourself thanking other things that are part of your day, for instance, your food, or the appliance you are running that uses water.

- You may find yourself being more conscious of conserving water.

- You may find yourself deeply in love with water.

With love and connection,

Karen and Girez


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