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After the Storm… or an Eclipse

(The following is from a Girez newsletter in Dec 2021 after an energetically powerful eclipse).

When Girez and I were being interviewed on an online show, the host mentioned that the cleaning (personal healing) feels easier now. Girez has certainly pointed out that many of us make it harder than it needs to be, and we can take advantage of the energies that are available to us to make it easier. I agreed with the host and said that I just don’t do the big snot cries any more.

A week later I was diving deep into an old wound, and yes, having a big snot cry. When I recognize a reoccurring pattern or like in this case a memory that refuses to go away no matter how many times I reminded my mind it was not happening now, I know something within me is calling for my presence. Those patterns or memories are an invitation for more healing and clearing of my field of old stuck energy and any beliefs associated with them. If I find there is great resistance to me diving in, I will set up time with someone to hold space for me to go there. Sometimes that is Girez, and sometimes that is someone in a body.

There are other times when an emotion arises within me, and I stop the mind from creating a story about it. I just witness it arising or move my body to assist it to release. I am willing to dive in because I have come to love the freedom on the other side. And it turns out, even though it can be uncomfortable to feel the intensity of those old emotions and the resistance to feeling them, when I am present with them, free from the fuel of stories about them, the emotions actually move quite quickly. And feeling the emotions does not kill us as our ego suspects it will, though a bit of our identity may die off.

Recently an energy healer told me that we are all being asked to heal at even deeper levels now. It certainly felt like this last set of eclipses and the new moon were in alignment with that intention. I have talked to a few friends who like me had unexpected waves of emotion come up to be cleared in the last two weeks. For me that meant giving myself space to cry at times or riding on my stationary bike, yelling, and punching my arms to release anger. I don’t always need to know the story, or understand the cause, I can just notice the energy of the emotion and give it a path out of my body.

This morning during my meditation, as happens often, Girez sang gently to me. And then he gave me this message,“After the storm of emotions has passed, rest into the quiet space. It is easy to become addicted to the work of cleaning and forget the purpose is to create more space and more freedom. Release that which is heavy, release it so it no longer influences the view or choices made in the present moment. This present moment where there is wholeness, joy and connection. As there is more clear space, without the restrictions of old condensed energies of stories and emotions, it becomes easier to witness and clear what arises as it arises. But afterwards don’t forget to rest into the space. After the storm, intentionally invite in energy and light, fill the space that has been created. Let that energy, like rain, percolate down into your body, washing each cell, and filling up you up. The storm has passed. Rest into the calm and the light. Be held."

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