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Channeling Spirit Virtual Summit - Girez Package

Girez CSVS Package $55$5

Valued at $125

This Package includes:

- Live Girez Group Call with Q&A (Nov 19, 9am Pacific)

- Live Girez Activation Call (Nov 29th, 5pm Pacific)

- Girez Album: The Clear, Clean, and Grounded Toolbox



Item 1: Girez Group Call with Q&A

Live zoom calls with Girez.


A 90 minutes call with Girez.  Call include a short discourse on a shamanic tool or energetic concept, a shamanic journey, and an activation. Calls also include time for audience Q&A. The calls are always filled with love, and joy.


Calls are recorded for replay and download.


Group Call Date: Nov 19, 9am Pacific


Item 2: Girez Group Activation Call


Available through this package only.

A Live Group Call will Girez. Call will be 30-40 minutes long.  Calls will include energy transmissions, and activations.


Calls will be recorded for replay and download.


Calls Dates: Thursday, Nov 29, 5pm Pacific

Package Peru Mountains_edited.jpg

Item 3: Girez Album for download

"The Clear, Clean, and Grounded Toolbox"

A collection of Girez channeled songs, chants, and guided meditations for clearing, cleaning, and grounding. These light language recordings contain energy transmissions leading you to a state of strength, centeredness, clarity, and peace.

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